Double Exposure Project

The photograph was taken by my Photography II TA, Emily. The Photography conservatory has a new teacher, Mrs. Temples. I like her and her teaching methods and I look forward to having her next year as well.

As this photograph goes, I wouldn’t change anything about it.

This was an interesting project and I look forward to more akin to it!Double Exposure Sunrise.jpg


Inspirational Poster

This is the original photograph I took to use for my “Inspirational Poster”Inspirational Poster 2.jpgMy subject was my classmate, Izzy.FOR WEB.jpgUsing continuous shooting (and a tripod) and a layer mask, I created this! This photo is actually a second attempt, which turned out considerably better than the first attempt. 

Best I could Do.jpgThe above photograph is my first attempt. I did not use a tripod and my hands were not steady, preventing me from adding more than two pictures.

Album Cover Project

The artist of this album cover is “Izzy”, featuring Bill.

chrome-copyThey are fictitious (well, they exist, but are not singers).

I imagined them being Indie or Alternative Rock, and they would be the main vocals.

The album is not inspired from anything else and is completely original.

  • Photo was taken at my school. The camera was a DSL Canon
  • I didn’t choose he location, I saw an opportunity and took it.

My Best Photos of Autumn, 2016

These are a few of my best photos taken in autumn, 2016, in no particular order. I would say that my favourite of the three would be, “Bill” because of the lighting on his face.

I would like to see even more improvement in the future.My Best photos of fall 2016 copy.jpgMy best photos of 2016 copy.jpgLittle Bill lmao.jpg