Photos Over A Year And A Half

This is a compilation of a handful of photos that I took with my phone and decided to edit. Some of them are a year and a half old!

The cloud consuming half of the cities of Hesperia and Apple Valley was the Blue Cut fire from last year, cancelling school and burning acres.


Inspirational Poster

This is the original photograph I took to use for my “Inspirational Poster”Inspirational Poster 2.jpgMy subject was my classmate, Izzy.FOR WEB.jpgUsing continuous shooting (and a tripod) and a layer mask, I created this! This photo is actually a second attempt, which turned out considerably better than the first attempt. 

Best I could Do.jpgThe above photograph is my first attempt. I did not use a tripod and my hands were not steady, preventing me from adding more than two pictures.